About the European School of Theosophy

The European School of Theosophy was launched in October 1982, in England, by Geoffrey Farthing, Ianthe Hoskins and Adam Warcup. Its activities are characterised by a five-day programme of intensive guided study. 

The main focus of the School is the research and study of the early literature, giving rise to the contemporary Theosophical Movement, such as HPB’s writings, the Mahatma Letters and more. Also, current developments in the field of humanities and science and subjects related to Western Esotericism, religions Eastern and Western philosophies are also often blended into the programme.

The language of the School is necessarily English, but its location varies each year in places that facilitate opportunities to commune with nature, physical activities as well as contemplation and meditation. Since its inauguration in England, the School has met in Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Holland, Israel, Scotland,  Sweeden, and Wales.

Opportunity for research projects may be given to bona fide fellows presenting a comprehensive project and justification of their aims.

The School is autonomous and is not part of any organization, Theosophical or otherwise.

About the European School of Theosophy

The main reason of its existence is to provide guided study with study material readily available. Yearly weekly classes are organized in different countries and in careful selected places to facilitate commune with nature, physical activities, contemplation and study.  

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